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You’ll Never Believe What Undercabinet Lights Can Do For Your Kitchen

under cabinet lighting


Undercabinet lighting brings sleek, modern style and enhanced illumination to any home. With their slim profiles and minimalist designs, undercabinet lights add a contemporary aesthetic as they provide directed task lighting. This type of lighting brightens up bookshelves, highlights desk work surfaces, and showcases kitchen counters. Undercabinet fixtures minimize shadows and harsh overhead lighting for a more pleasant atmosphere. They also help save on energy bills since you can selectively illuminate only specific areas.

There are various undercabinet fixture types including rope lights, tape lights, puck lights, and strip lights to fit any space. For the light source itself, LED, fluorescent, halogen, and xenon bulbs are available to achieve the right brightness and light quality. With their combination of fashionable form and helpful function, undercabinet lights are an innovative way to stylishly enhance lighting in your home.

The rest of this article will explore the benefits of undercabinet lighting and provide guidance on choosing the right fixtures and bulbs to meet your home décor and illumination needs. Keep reading to learn how to add that extra touch of modern flair with undercabinet lighting.

Key Takeaways

  • Under cabinet lighting provides a sleek and modern appearance, adding a unique touch to your home.
  • It is helpful for lighting up bookshelves, desks, or kitchen counters, minimizing shadows and being less harsh than overhead lighting.
  • Under cabinet lighting reduces energy bills by not lighting up the entire room.
  • Various options are available for under cabinet lighting, including budget-friendly options, hardwired options for a more professional look, and LED options for energy efficiency and customization.

Advantages of Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting offers a sleek and modern appearance while adding a unique touch to your home. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. By illuminating bookshelves, desks, or kitchen counters, it provides the perfect lighting for various tasks.

Unlike harsh overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting minimizes shadows, creating a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, it helps reduce energy consumption and lowers your electricity bill by only lighting up the specific area you need, rather than the entire room.

With its easy installation process, under cabinet lighting is a cost-effective way to transform the look and feel of any room. So, if you’re looking to enhance your home with innovative lighting solutions, under cabinet lighting is the way to go.

Here are 5 reasons under cabinet lighting is a great addition to a kitchen:

  1. Task Lighting – Under cabinet lighting provides focused task lighting over countertops and work areas where you need it most. The directed illumination lets you clearly see what you’re doing for food prep and cooking.
  2. Aesthetics – Sleek under cabinet fixtures add a subtle accent and contemporary style to your kitchen’s design. The discreet lighting creates a clean, modern look.
  3. Mood Lighting – In addition to task lighting, under cabinet lighting can provide soft, diffuse ambient lighting to set the mood in the kitchen. This makes the space more inviting.
  4. Energy Efficient – LED under cabinet lighting uses very little energy while providing bright, high quality illumination. This can help reduce electricity costs.
  5. Customizable – With various fixture styles and placement options, under cabinet lighting allows you to customize the lighting to fit your kitchen’s specific layout and lighting needs.

Best Overall Lighting

To find the best overall lighting solution for your needs, consider the Litever under cabinet LED Lighting Kit. This kit provides a warm white light with a color temperature of 3000K and a brightness of 333 lumens. The adhesive pads, wire clips, and mounting clips included in the kit ensure easy installation.

Additionally, the kit comes with an extension cord, allowing for flexible placement of the lights. For those who prefer customizable lighting, an optional rotary switch dimmer is available for purchase.

This under cabinet lighting kit is energy-efficient and long-lasting, with LEDs that can last over ten years. With Litever’s commitment to quality and customer support, this lighting kit is a reliable and innovative choice for your under cabinet lighting needs.

Best Budget Lighting

For those on a budget, the Brilliant Evolution BRRC134 Wireless LED Puck Light is the best choice for affordable lighting.

This wireless LED puck light offers 55 lumens of bright light with a color temperature of 3000K, providing adequate lighting for various tasks.

It comes with a wireless remote control and tap lens for easy operation, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preference.

The light is dimmable, with multiple brightness levels to choose from, and it also features an auto-off timer for convenience and energy savings.

With its simple installation and versatile use, this budget-friendly option offers value for money without compromising on quality.

Upgrade your under cabinet lighting without breaking the bank with the Brilliant Evolution BRRC134 Wireless LED Puck Light.

Best Hardwired Lighting

If you want a permanent lighting solution that provides consistent and reliable illumination, the best option is hardwired lighting. Hardwired under cabinet lighting offers a seamless and integrated look, making it ideal for those who prefer a more professional and sophisticated appearance. This type of lighting can be customized to fit your specific needs, ensuring a clean and seamless installation.

Here is a comparison table outlining some top options for hardwired under cabinet lighting:

ProductKey FeaturesPrice Range
Xenon Under Cabinet Lights– Sleek low-profile design
– Brilliant xenon light
– Linkable system
– Dimmer compatible
LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit– Energy efficient LEDs
– Ultra-thin 1/8″ depth
– 3000K warm white light
– Dimmable
Halogen Under Cabinet Lights– Classic halogen lighting
– Budget-friendly option
– Linkable system
– Dimmable
Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lighting– Even lighting distribution
– Energy efficient
– Variety of sizes
– Low heat output
Puck Lights– Compact circular shape
– Casts directed task lighting
– Energy efficient LED version available
– Simple installation
Rope Lighting– Flexible strip design
– Can be bent to fit any space
-Creates a soft ambient glow
– LEDs for energy efficiency

This table provides an overview of some top hardwired under cabinet lighting systems and their key features and price points, ranging from high-end xenon to budget halogen options. It gives you an idea of the variety of styles and lights available for permanently installed under cabinet illumination.

Choose the best hardwired under cabinet lighting option based on your specific requirements and preferences for a reliable and integrated lighting solution.

Best Lighting for Desk

Enhance your productivity and reduce eye strain by installing the best lighting for your desk. The right desk lighting can make a significant difference in your work environment. Here are five options to consider:

  • LED Desk Lamps: These energy-efficient lamps provide focused and task-oriented lighting. They are adjustable and offer different brightness levels to suit your needs.
  • Clamp-On Lights: These lights can be easily attached to the edge of your desk, saving space and providing direct illumination. They are versatile and adjustable.
  • Under Cabinet Lighting: Install under cabinet lights above your desk for a sleek, clutter-free workspace. These lights offer focused illumination and can be customized to fit different desk sizes and styles.
  • Task Lights: These lights are specifically designed for detailed tasks. They provide bright and focused lighting and can be adjusted to different angles.
  • Smart Lighting Systems: These innovative systems allow you to control your desk lighting through your smartphone or voice commands. They offer a range of customizable options for brightness, color, and scheduling.

Investing in the best lighting for your desk will improve your productivity and create a visually appealing and comfortable work environment.

Types of Fixtures

When choosing the best lighting for your desk, it is important to consider the different fixture types available. There are several options to consider, each with its own advantages and considerations.

Rope lights are easy to install and create a warm tone. They can add a cozy and inviting atmosphere to your workspace.

Tape lights, on the other hand, are flat and easy to conceal. This makes them suitable for small spaces where you want to keep the lighting discreet.

Puck lights are another option to consider. They are discreet and battery-powered, offering a versatile lighting solution. Puck lights can be easily moved around and placed in different areas of your desk as needed.

Strip lights provide soft and subtle lighting. They are also easy to install and can be a great choice if you prefer a more ambient lighting effect.

Each type of fixture has its own unique benefits, so it’s important to evaluate your specific needs and preferences. Selecting the right fixture type can enhance productivity, reduce eye strain, and create a sleek, clutter-free desk space.

Types of Lighting

Now that you understand the different types of fixtures for under cabinet lighting, let’s explore the various types of lighting available. The type of lighting you choose will greatly impact the ambiance and functionality of your space. There are four main types of lighting commonly used for under cabinet lighting: LED lights, fluorescent lights, halogen lights, and xenon lights. Each type offers its own unique characteristics and benefits.

To help you understand the differences, take a look at the table below:

Lighting TypeCharacteristicsBenefits
LED LightsEnergy-efficient, versatile, long-lastingReduce energy consumption, customizable brightness and color options
Fluorescent LightsBright, cool lightIdeal for workspaces, good color rendering
Halogen LightsBright, warm lightPopular for home use, enhances warm colors
Xenon LightsBright, efficient lightIdeal for work surfaces, low heat output

By considering the specific needs of your space and the desired lighting effects, you can select the best type of lighting for your under-cabinet lighting project.


Under cabinet lighting can transform your kitchen’s look, functionality, and ambiance. By providing directed task lighting, accentuating design, and creating mood, under cabinet fixtures are an excellent way to illuminate and enhance your cooking space. With energy efficient and customizable options, you can find under cabinet lighting to fit your kitchen’s needs and budget. For a kitchen update that is both stylish and practical, be sure to consider under cabinet lighting.


Q: What types of under cabinet lights are available?
A: There are several under cabinet lighting options including fluorescent, LED, xenon, halogen, rope lights, puck lights, and strip lighting. LEDs are the most energy efficient.

Q: How is under cabinet lighting installed?
A: Under cabinet lighting can be plug-in or hardwired directly to an electrical source. Hardwired is more permanent while plug-in allows you to adjust fixtures easier.

Q: Where should under cabinet lighting be installed?
A: Focus under cabinet lighting over main kitchen work areas like islands, sinks, and countertops. Also highlight display areas like glass cabinets.

Q: How do I choose the right under cabinet lighting?
A: Consider the size, layout, and style of your kitchen. Task lighting and accent lighting may require different fixtures.

Q: Can under cabinet lighting be dimmed?
A: Many under cabinet lighting options can be paired with dimmer switches or dimmer remotes to control brightness. Dimmable LEDs work best.

Q: How much does under cabinet lighting cost?
A: Costs range from $10 – $100+ per fixture depending on the type. LED strips are very affordable. Installation costs may also apply.

Q: Is under cabinet lighting difficult to install?
A: Most plug-in systems are very simple for DIY installation. Hardwired systems are more complex and may require an electrician.

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