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Nutrichef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator -900-Watt Premium Multi-Tier Meat Beef Jerky Maker Fruit/Vegetable Dryer W/10 Shelf Stainless Steel Trays,Digital Timer,Temperature Control-Ncfd10s

premium stainless steel food dehydrator

I stumbled upon the NutriChef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator and it was like finding a hidden treasure in my kitchen arsenal. With its 900-watt power and 10 stainless steel trays, this dehydrator is a powerhouse for preserving a variety of foods.

The digital timer and temperature control make it a breeze to customize drying settings for different types of food. Plus, the 360° hot air circulation ensures thorough dehydration, while the glass front door lets me keep an eye on things without interrupting the process.

Not only is this dehydrator functional, but it's also sleek and durable with dishwasher-safe trays. From homemade jerky to dried fruits and veggies, this appliance is a game-changer for healthy and homemade snacks.


As an electric countertop food dehydrator, the Nutrichef NCFD10S offers a comprehensive range of features and functionality for preserving a variety of foods. Its performance reliability is evident in the high-quality construction and sturdy design.

The machine is packed well and arrives without damage, and the trays fit perfectly, providing plenty of room for lots of food. The 900 watts of power ensure quicker dehydration, while the wide range of temperature settings allows for precise control.

The dehydrator operates super quietly, making it convenient to use. However, some customers have mentioned issues with durability and the customer support experience. It's important to note that the product manual translations can be poor, which may cause frustration for some users.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Nutrichef NCFD10S remains an efficient and reliable choice for preserving food.

Detailed Features

One notable feature of the Nutrichef NCFD10S electric countertop food dehydrator is its 10-tiered dryer trays made of food-grade stainless steel. These trays provide ample space for dehydrating a large quantity of food at once, making it ideal for preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, and even making homemade beef jerky. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and easy cleaning, while also being safe for food contact.

The dehydrator also features a touch-control LED display with temperature control and a digital timer, allowing for precise settings and convenient operation. Additionally, the built-in rear-mounted motor and internal fan ensure even heat distribution and prevent overheating. With its high heat circulation and efficient drying capabilities, this dehydrator retains 97% of vitamins and minerals while increasing the shelf life of food.

Product Specs:

  • 900-watt power
  • 10-tiered dryer trays made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Temperature control range: 95-170°F
  • Touch-control LED display with digital timer
  • Built-in rear-mounted motor and internal fan for heat circulation
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Sturdy and high-quality construction
  • Easy to clean and looks great
  • Wide range of temperature settings
  • Large capacity with 10 trays
  • Quiet operation
  • Retains 97% of vitamins and minerals
  • Trays fit perfectly
  • Long cord for flexibility
  • Set it and forget it type of dehydrator


  • Not truly off unless unplugged
  • No pause button, must turn off to check progress
  • Lack of small hole steel trays and stainless steel drip pan
  • Always starts at 10 hours, no way to change it
  • Frustrating buttons
  • Poor product manual translations

Pros and Cons

Moving on to the pros and cons of the Nutrichef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator, let's take a closer look at its advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of pros, customers have mentioned that the dehydrator is packed well and arrives without any damage. It has a sturdy and high-quality construction, with trays that fit perfectly and are easy to clean. The dehydrator offers a wide range of temperature settings and operates quietly. It also has a large capacity and a 900-watt power for quicker dehydration.

On the other hand, there are a few cons to consider. Some customers have reported durability issues and facing difficulties with the customer service experience. There are also complaints about the lack of small hole steel trays and a stainless steel drip pan. Additionally, users find the buttons frustrating to use and the product manual translations poor.

Ways to Use

To explore the various ways I use the Nutrichef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator, I rely on its versatile features and functionality.

One of my favorite ways to utilize this dehydrator is by experimenting with creative recipes. I love dehydrating fruits like apples, strawberries, and bananas to make delicious and healthy snacks. I also enjoy making beef jerky by marinating and dehydrating thin slices of meat. The dehydrator's temperature control and timer allow me to achieve the perfect texture and flavor.

Additionally, this appliance is excellent for storage and preservation. I can dehydrate excess fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf life and prevent wastage. The removable stainless steel trays are easy to clean and store, making the whole process convenient and efficient.

Last Minutes Tips

Before using the Nutrichef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator, here are a few last-minute tips to ensure optimal results. To achieve efficient food dehydration, it's important to follow these tips:

Tips for Efficient Food Dehydration Common Troubleshooting Issues
Ensure even spacing between food on the trays to allow proper air circulation. If the food is not drying evenly, rotate the trays halfway through the dehydration process.
Cut the food into uniform slices or pieces to ensure even drying. If the food is not drying properly, check the temperature settings and adjust if necessary.
Place the thicker and denser foods on the lower trays and lighter foods on the upper trays to ensure even drying. If the food is sticking to the trays, use parchment paper or non-stick sheets to prevent sticking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Warranty on the Nutrichef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator?

The warranty information for the Nutrichef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator is not mentioned in the current question. However, this dehydrator is capable of preserving a variety of foods and producing different dried snacks.

Can This Dehydrator Be Used to Make Other Types of Dried Snacks Besides Beef Jerky?

Yes, the Nutrichef dehydrator can be used to make a variety of dried snacks besides beef jerky. Some tips for optimal results include adjusting the temperature and drying time based on the type of snack being prepared.

How Long Does It Typically Take to Dehydrate Different Types of Foods?

Different foods have varying dehydration times. Fruits and vegetables typically take 6-12 hours, while meat like beef jerky can take 4-6 hours. Dehydrating fruits and vegetables preserves nutrients and creates healthy snacks.

Does the Dehydrator Come With Any Additional Accessories or Recipe Ideas?

Yes, the dehydrator comes with additional accessories such as removable trays for easy cleaning. It also includes a recipe book with various ideas for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and making beef jerky.

Is There a Recommended Way to Clean and Maintain the Dehydrator for Long-Lasting Use?

To clean and maintain the dehydrator for long-lasting use, follow these steps: 1) Remove trays and wash them with warm, soapy water. 2) Wipe down the interior and exterior with a damp cloth. 3) Regularly check and clean the air vents to prevent blockage.


In conclusion, the NutriChef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator is a game-changer for home cooks and health enthusiasts. Its powerful performance, user-friendly features, and durable design make it a versatile and reliable appliance.

Whether you're making homemade jerky, dried fruits, or vegetables, this dehydrator preserves their nutritional value while offering convenience and efficiency.

With its sleek stainless steel trays and digital controls, it's a must-have for anyone looking to create nutritious and delicious meals at home.

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