7 Best Must Have Home Accessories to Improve Your Decor.

home accesories

Through our choice of home accessories, we get to show insight into our personal styles. It is one of the most important interior design elements that comes at the very end after furnishing. It is always a life long journey for most home owners as styles and preferences change with time. Being able to choose the right home furnishing accessories can breathe life into a space and give it the needed personal touch. Here are the 7 most important home accessories that will work magic for most spaces.


This one of the oldest home accessory that has been in use for centuries, to give a warm and welcoming feel to the home. Arrange some freshly sprinkled flowers in a creative way to achieve that natural elegance. Vases come in all shapes, designs, sizes, color and material. Always ensure you pick one that blends with the theme of the surrounding you want to place it. They can be placed anywhere as long as you feel they bring out the grace in life. On top of coffee tables, on the window seal, on a bookshelf, kitchen counter top are some of the common places you’ll find vases.

Personal art collections.

These do not necessarily have to be high end art from your local gallery. It can be that painting you did when you were struck by boredom. Or a framed piece of canvas printed photo of your family. These give the space a more personal touch. Art can range from paintings, cravings, models, art pieces, artifact to decorated objects and weaved products. Next time you travel get something to have a diversified collection. Place art strategically to achieve the desired results.

House plants.

House plants brings nature to the inside, breathing fresh life to the surrounding. Find stylish plant pots and select nice house plants. These can be placed in places with enough light such as well-lit rooms, entrances and even window sills. They bring this natural kind of effortless elegant feel to the room.


Mirrors in the past had a more functional use. Nowadays mirrors have aesthetic and decorative values. Having a nicely framed mirror in strategic places can amplify light and create drama by adding interesting frame views and reflection. For instance, adding a mirror in a small windowless room can make the room appear spacious and brighter.

Add some candles.

Candles are synonymous with warmth, light and romance. They uplift the soul in any space they are, especially at night. Add some candles to your dining tables to create a comfortable classy feel. Ensure you always pick nice scented candles and stylish candle holders.

Don’t overlook rugs.

Many people tend to water down on the importance of rugs when designing their interiors. The first item a visitor sees when they enter the house is the door rug/mat. Choosing the right rugs for the different spaces in your home can be a game changer.


I know we have phones and other gadgets to look up time. But wall clocks are still part of home decor. Not only does the ticking of the clock remind us that we are at home, but also it’s a stylish accessory that can create a mood, apart from telling us when its lunchtime. Today they come in all sizes, shapes, patterns, designs, materials and color. It is you to choose what works for your space.

Other important home accessories worth mentioning are waste bins, wallpapers, wall hooks, curtains and curtain poles. Go on and explore as you find out what works for your space.

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