6 Ways to Repurpose and Upgrade Old Furniture

repurpose old furniture

There’s no reason not to love repurposing old furniture!

You can experiment with a variety of different styles, save money on throwing away and buying a whole new piece of furniture, have fun, and express yourself all in one go. You don’t have to be an expert to effectively modernize an old piece furniture.

Here are 6 easy ideas for upgrading or repurposing old furniture.

  1. Pay attention to the little things. If you want a piece of furniture to have something of a new look, consider all the things you can do to transform it all on your own. Replacing drawer pull handles with door knockers is one example, and so is reupholstering chairs or stools. The more artistic people among us can consider painting a whole design on the front of a cabinet door or a set of drawers, or perhaps spraying a coat of chalkboard paint over it so people can make their own original designs. These kinds of little ideas will give the item something of an upgrade without impacting its function.Image credit: Design Remont
  2. Not a fan of dark metal edges? If you’re into the industrial or utilitarian look, no problem, but if not, a thin layer of metallic gold paint can solve the problem! Your bulky, old-fashioned looking furniture will be looking trendy and modern in no time. Depending on the furniture or appliance shape, this can require small detail brushes and a steady hand, or you might get away with a nice easy spray paint application. This is great for accents as well, such as coffee table legs, drawer knobs, and more.Image credit: Ling Yeung B
  3. A wooden headboard can be painted and turned into a hook rack. If you’ve got a spare headboard lying around (don’t we all?) paint it white and allow drying to be imperfect, with some cracks or flakes showing for a natural, rustic look. You can then screw in a series of metal hooks and you’ve got yourself a nice rack!wooden headboardImage credit: Knickoftime
  4. Sometimes upgrading a furniture item doesn’t even require changing much about the piece itself. For example, an old wooden ladder can be painted and sanded for safety purposes and then leaned against the wall of your bathroom or next to your closet to hang towels for a super rustic, creative look. Smaller wooden ladders or stepstools can even be mounted on the wall for a funky new shelving unit.wooden ladders Image credit: Kan Thai Decor
  5. Turn stools into storage bins simply by turning them upside down and tying fabric bags and pouches to the legs. Feel free to color-coordinate however you want. The center of the stool, between the legs, can even be used for storage of taller items like rolls of wrapping paper, umbrellas, and more.Image credit: Architecture Designs
  6. Almost anything can be turned into a planter, even trash cans. As long as you research what the needs of the plant species are, anything with something of a deep cavity can become a flower pot. Old-fashioned metal trash cans with beautiful flowers growing out of them are a fun addition to any home or garden. Using a tin pail or bucket would give a similar effect if you don’t want full-size garbage cans.metal trashImage credit: AZ Plant Lady

Hopefully these DIY projects have provided you solutions to renewing your old furniture or at the vary least we’ve got the creative juices flowing. You never know, you may just uncover a hidden talent for decor – sky could be the limit – especially if you decide to make money restoring furniture on your off time…

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